Q). How long does it take before I receive my book? (Randy G.)
A). Usually between 10 to 14 days. In Canada we ship via Canada Post and in the U.S. we utilize the the United States Postal Service.

Q). My brother and I own an Auto Dealership, how can your book elevate our sales? (Ken S.)
A). What we suggest is taking a hi res photo of the new car with owner(s) and send their picture and name(s) to us.
We create the Cover and send the book to you at your Dealership. For some auto cover samples, see the Business Marketing pages of this website.

Q). What are your methods of payment options? (Lisa M.)
A). We accept, VISA, MasterCard & PayPal.






Q). Should the situation arise where I am not happy with my Cover, what can I do? (Janice C.)
A). We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Simply email us your concern and it will be rectified.

Q). My mother, Geraldine, just passed away. Do you have have a Cover Program for the Departed? (Lee S.)
A). Yes we do Lee. Simply send us a photo of your Mother and a brief story of her life.
Perhaps some Photos of Family & Friends.

Q). How can you ensure that my Cover will not be blurry? (Brent Q.) A). Be sure to upload as high a resolution photo as possible. 

Q). Are there multiple purchase discount rates? (Levi S)
A). For sure! Please see the bottom of the, “Business Marketing” page for these discounts.

Q). What is the Cover & Inside pages of the book made of? (Bruce C.)
A). The Cover is a, sturdy, 80 pt. board stock. The inside pages are a thick, 80 lb. white Matte stock, with colour process throughout.

Q). I am a Realtor, how does your book help my business? (Leon L.)

A). In several ways Leon! We create a book for you that you can give to current and past clients say as a Christmas Gift. This edition will have all your your contact info within the pages.
The other Marketing option is to take a photo of your clients infront of the property they just purchased from you.
You send us the photo & their names and we create their book.
They will probably keep the publication (with their photo & name on the front cover) for life. And again, your contact information is on the Inside flap. To see some samples go to the “Business Marketing” pages to see Real Estate Cover options