You Have a book Coming out!!!

….Oh yes you do!

Did you know that only, one in every 5,128,205 people have a book published?
Want to become a published Author but don’t know where to start and have little time to learn?
But you do want the fame and attention of showing off your proud novel!
Well, you have come to the right place!
Reward yourself, that special relative, friend, important business
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We Ghostwrite your 200 page book, full of the“Top 100 Lessons!’’. For a Happy, Healthy & Successful Life!’’.
We flank every one of these Adage Pages with original and copyrighted artwork.

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Top 100 Lessons

Top Lessons to ensure a, Happy, Healthy & Successful life.
Each text page is followed by an appropriate & original artwork.
As mentioned, only about one in 5 million people have a book published.

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from well known, distinguished influential people!




“Friends & Family!”
Rick Murphy’s Cover

Geraldine Schneider

Pat & Landry Dorsett

“Real Estate Sales!”
Realtor Sale

“The Best Mom Ever!”
Lee Fruhstorfer & Sons

“Happy Couple Car Sales!”
Couple buys new Car

“Happy Birthday Mom!”
Nina Graham

“Happy Couple RV Sales!”
Couple buys an RV

“Best Dad Ever!”
Steve Stew

“Top Realtor!”
Geoff Glazier

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How? Publish their book! There is nothing people like more that to see their face and name! …and you can do that! You simply take their picture and send it to us with their name. We produce the cover and deliver the book to your office!